You as Therapist

You as the center

A suitable perspective from which to take under consideration the possibility to become a therapist is you as the center. What is your inside drive that nurtures the idea of becoming a therapist? What is you idea about the process? How you will imagine you will be at the end of the training? Look well inside yourself and clarify your thoughts, feelings and ideas about you as therapist, about becoming one. This will be your contract to yourself. And at the same time your compass while you discover the first cause therapy method and yourself.

First is experience

The first year of study is a time to only discover yourself, and experience first hand first cause therapy. However, if you wish to and you have the necessary traits to become a therapist, the second year will gradually introduce you to the world of being a therapist. While you are a client your needs are first. You can fully focus on yourself. When you are a therapist, you need to be able to use this experience. You have to make the difference during a session between your needs and yourself and what the client is and needs.

The difference for you as therapist

Another important difference is that as a client you choose consciously what are the problems that you want to work on. On the road to become a therapist your known or unknown problems will be drawn out by the material that will be taught workshop by workshop. In a way, you will climb aboard a roller coaster of the self. This ride will pass through places that you are aware or not so aware. At the end of the journey of becoming a therapist actually there is only another beginning. This moment is different and personal for each one, but there are a few shared experiences:

  • a much wider sense of self;
  • a grander perspective of above, below and the world;
  • a powerful new set of tools to improve your life and new skills in finding and sharing meaning.

Power, but over the self

Even though the difference is significant and you will be a wider and deeper more aware you, you  will still be human. Just a more soulful, aware, and engaged one. Under no circumstances, the training or the findings during this period and by following this method are to influence you to place yourself in the position of a guru or similar authoritarian person, or a position of power over others. You as therapist (and not only) will be encouraged to stay alive, fresh and to increase your power over the self, not over others. You can read more about it in the code of conduct for EARTh members, which applies also to Evadio students and therapists.

Become a trainer

Further still, for graduated therapists the road to become a trainer can be opened. This will enrich even more the experience of yourself guided by the first cause therapy method. Learning to teach the method and teaching it to others will position you to navigate on a new map with its own discoveries, riches and challenges. On top of it, it will also improve your life on the go.

Open door

In the end, the goal of Evadio Romania is to make available the first cause therapy method regardless of your prior education as a gate towards healing and offering a better quality of life to you and your future clients.

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