The resource pool

First cause therapy offers experiences rich in content and extremely personal in perspective. The experience of being a therapist, client, student or trainer in this special context brings along insights about:

  • the way we live our lives;
  • what is important in the end or in the moment;
  • the choices that we have and about the new roads that we can explore.

The workshop as a fruit

This kind of information gathers over time. At one moment it becomes ripe. I can transform it into shareable experiences. Then, you will see on the website the possibility for a new workshop. Further on, you will have access to a full schedule around the topic along with a list of possible motivations to participate, and a list of goals.

Positive outcomes for your life

All things considered, I will design each workshop to offer you a new experience, or a fresh perspective over something already familiar to you. Therefore, you will be guided in such a manner that at the end of the workshop, you will feel and become more empowered in your day to day to life, or you will gain more clarity. This in turn, will enable you to follow new paths. You will be able to experience your life from a different perspective.

On request

Additionally, you also have the possibility to express your desire for a certain topic. For example, something you wish to explore and experience during a workshop. In other words, you have the chance to choose the topic for a workshop. If enough people will express a similar desire and the experience and approach of first cause therapy can offer a valuable experience or insight about the topic, I will organize a workshop with the topic you suggest.

In conclusion, all you have to do is express your opinion in the Listen section. You will receive an email when the workshop will become available. On a similar manner, I am opened to the possibility to organize workshops for already made groups of people with common interest about a certain topic.

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