The importance of words

Words are more and more used in our lives to communicate, learn, understand and pass on information. And in this context, it can be a major source of confusion if you use words:

  • without being aware of their meaning, or connotation;
  • unfortunately sometimes even without being aware that you used a certain word, or expression.

On top of it, such situations are not only a source of separation but even a source of conflict with those to whom you intend to communicate.


This section gathers articles dedicated to address the topic of words and wording. The articles will engage their meaning and how we use them. Since words are an important tool in a first cause therapy session, the way they are used during therapy has to be precisely considered. From this sensible, specialized approach about words and the way they are used, new perspectives emerge that can be put to good use in our daily lives. As a result, this will allow you to communicate with more clarity, and with mutual benefits for you and your conversation partners.


Each article will aim to reach at least one of the following objectives:

  • show a way to communicate with more clarity;
  • help you become aware of the power of the words;
  • enable you to offer and look for meaning in communication.

All these efforts practiced constantly will in turn reshape the way you use language. Consequently, this allows you to reshape the way you think. Then, if you choose so, it can also bring you the possibility to reshape yourself.

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