Do you have a problem that pins you down?

Focused awareness and first cause therapy can open the door to transform it into experience.

Name your problem

You repeatedly fail to solve a problem that is controlling your life. Or you have no explanation for your medical or emotional condition. Proper guidance and the right effort may help you overcome your current situation. You can heal not only the symptoms. You can also bring balance to the root cause of your problem and from there to your daily life. First cause therapy is a personal journey aimed to restore your complete self in a free way into the here and now.

focus your awareness

You may recognize as problems in your life situations that are not necessarily controlling you. However, you are still challenged by them since you do not see a way through or around them. You may face feelings or ideas of personal discomfort, stress, unpleasantness, dragging, lack of motivation, and so on. Actually, the problem that hides behind your situation can easily stay secluded, asking at the same time to be discovered. You have indeed a problem that is asking to be discovered.

and receive guidance.

A therapist has the knowledge and the skills to recognize problems caused by repressed traumatic experiences, and can help you to process these past traumatic events and periods at the body, soul and spiritual levels of experience. This expertise is the result of the classes and graduation of a specialized school. His role is to guide you during all the phases of the therapy session in a way that will constantly provide you the possibility to have freedom of choice and an own perspective.

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