Name your problem

Becoming aware of a problem is a sound first step towards overcoming it. However, there are times when you need help with the situation you are facing. You might find yourself in a situation like:

frică incontrolabilătulburări ale somnuluitendințe sinucigașe
depresieadicțiiprobleme psihosomatice care nu răspund la tratamentul medical
stres acutfrica de intimitateprobleme în relații
traume și abuz în copilăriemânie sau suferință debilitantătulburări de personalitate
dureri cronice fără explicațielipsa încrederii în sinevoci sau halucinații
probleme cu stima de sine și vinăobezitate și tulburări în alimentațieprobleme de natură sexuală
insecuritate și o imagine de sine scăzutăblocaje și neputințăfobii
gânduri obsesivepierderea direcțieianxietate
sentimente blocate sau reprimateimobilitate și neadaptare în fața schimbăriitalente creative blocate

Did you identify some of the above mentioned situations as yours too? Have you tried to solve them? What were your challenges?


However, if you identify with some of the above mentioned problems, it does not mean automatically that first cause therapy is suitable for you. Alternatively, you may just need a focused awareness sessions or a different kind of therapy altogether. In addition, consult the Compatibility and Overview section. They offer information about compatibility and requirements to undergo a first cause therapy session.

Open contact

On the other hand, the above list is not a closed list. If you do not find the problem you have among the ones mentioned above, it also does not mean that first cause therapy is not suitable for you. Please feel free to contact me by email describing in a few words your situation or for further details prior to making an appointment.

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