Open mindedness, the bridge to a new you

Look back a few years in the past. Remember who you were. You may have a nice feeling to realize you have changed. Even more, you might appreciate these changes. You like the new you. Equally important, you were at the same time the best you could be at that moment, few years in the past. So it is with you now. You are the best that you can be at this very instant, but at the same time it is desirable to become a more you. Thus, it is important to be open, in order to be able to grow. Like a healthy tree who is open to grow a new leaf or a new branch, not discarding any of the old branches.

Defining yourself

Bodies also can be in an open state, but given the instance of first cause therapy, open mindedness is the focus. You, in the here and now, are the result of:

  • your experiences;
  • thoughts;
  • patterns;
  • people;
  • culture;
  • environment around you.

All these give you impressions in relation to which you define yourself. The ability to preserve the flexibility of these impression, the flexibility of opinion in relation to what defines you is open mindedness. Open mindedness also means to allow for fresh impressions to form, to take them into consideration in the decision process of who you are.

Open mindedness

During first cause therapy you will encounter the hardships of dire moments. Under these circumstances, open mindedness allows to experience these moments with full awareness. Thus, you can transform a never ending painful birth like process into a new life experience with enormous potential of growth. In order to do this, you need to welcome this new life experience into the here and now, into who you are here and now.

The shift to new you

This integration shifts challenging feelings and circumstances into springs of fresh enlightened energy like:

  • ability to do the things which no long ago seemed like impossible;
  • peace of mind;
  • freedom;
  • love of self, and so on.

However, open mindedness is not an absolute extreme state in which reasoning and self identity count no more.

What open mindedness isn’t

For this reason, healthy open mindedness has nothing to do with:

  • being gullible;
  • obedient;
  • automatically accepting anything, and so on.

A comparison that can bring more clearness can be between you and a house. Namely, the house will not change its walls, foundation and roof immediately if you open the window to let in fresh air. However, the one who inhabits the house will benefit from the fresh air and new scents. And in this new refreshed state, the one can change the house to whatever is fit and in accordance to what the one desires.

Something new

In the context of first cause therapy and focused awareness sessions, you come to ask for help and/or guidance because with the ideas, perspective, thoughts and actions that you already have or do, you cannot pass through a certain problem. Thus, you are in search for something new. By being open minded you allow the new to come. Furthermore, new can mean:

  • something you already have but is deep buried inside you;
  • a part of you that you lost in a crisis situation;
  • to offer attention to a part of yourself that you have overlooked until now.

Allow yourself to be renewed by considering a healthy open minded attitude as part of your way of being, at least during the therapeutic process.

Further reading

You can use open mindedness to find and follow the direction suitable to your inner self in the here and now.

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