The ”you”, you are used to

In everyday life numerous senses, thoughts and interaction with people constantly arouse you. Mostly according to these you will form an opinion about yourself. The repetitiveness of this process tends to bring the strong sensation that the under the skin part of you represents the all of you. However, during a first cause therapy session you will experience a new way of accessing information. You will experience parts of you beyond your skin. The process will start from the first thing that comes to your mind based on the active charges in your body, emotions and mind.

A new identity

During this process your sense of ”I” will expand and it will do so even more once you deepen into yourself. The way information flows will change. For example you will no longer need to remember something. Instead you simply go to the moment when it happened. There you access the information related to the subject at hand. The mind becomes a collector of image, smell, sound, taste, knowledge from beyond the here and now. This is also a normal way of accessing information. Just different than the one you use daily and have grown into.

With this experience, your sense of I, your I, will change and challenge the under the skin concept that you usually perceive. However, it is of your own choice and effort to draw new conclusions, if any. And in addition to incorporate them into your here and now, daily life vision and action. This also means growth and it needs support to develop.

Support the new

The newly balanced experiences encountered at the moment of the first cause are the source of the changes in the here and now. These need to settle in and grow in and out. Mentally challenging and questioning the accuracy of the experiences hinders the growth and the integration of the beneficial experiences. Since different tools and resources are used to question and to the ones that nurture transformation.

Here and now, a new identity

Before the session, you as the self of now connect to the first cause of your problem. After the session, you as the self of now connect to the new experience, to a new transformed now. This happens in your body of the here and now. You and your body will now hold a newly beneficial integrated experience. This new experience is frail in the beginning similar to a new born. In a rather short time, it will become stronger and stable if at least it is let be and at most it is supported.

Further reading

Form more information about how to support it, please read the next section: Emphasize.

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