Focused awareness

Focused awareness sessions are mainly aimed to bringing clarity upon a situation, a problem. Once clarity is achieved you can start to make conscious changes based on this clarity in your day to day life. You will have a personal quest, or homework. And from one focused awareness session to the next, new clarity will be sought given the results of your already done homework. Then, you will have new homework that in time will bring you closer and closer to your objective. In this case, your own involvement and determination are very important tools to enable the change you are looking for.

This is why a focused awareness session is recommended when the main problem you face is the lack of clarity. When the problem is that you do not realize exactly what your problem is. Such situations may happen:

  • in couple relations;
  • when raising children;
  • in adolescence;
  • during periods of turbulence or important changes;
  • when managing important projects;
  • if you have overwhelming tasks;
  • in key decision moments and so on.

First cause therapy

First cause therapy takes the clearer personal situation of your problem and uses it as a compass towards the first cause of your problem. The first cause therapy session takes you to this root cause moment. Once there guides you in order to re-balance all of you. And specially the part of you that played a role in the respective circumstance. Once re-balanced you will receive and integrate as an experience what was prior to the session a cry of help. These new gifts will empower you to live a fresh life in the here and now, liberated from the symptoms that belong to the past.

Usually a combined therapy with focused awareness session and first cause therapy takes 3-4 hours.
However, when a first meeting takes place, to the above mentioned duration a biographical interview of around 45-90 minutes takes place. Any kind of questions are also welcomed during this period. This takes the first meeting to a total of 4-5 hours. So, please be advised and arrange your plans accordingly.


Below you can find a schematic overview of the main items involved in the focused awareness session and first cause therapy session.

ElementSesiune de atenție focalizatăSesiune de atenție focalizată înaintea unei sesiuni de terapia primei cauzeSesiune de terapia primei cauze
Metoda de bazăInvestigativă - Bazată pe lucru individual (temă)InvestigativăIdentificarea primei cauze
ObiectivClaritate/O nouă perspectivăIdentificarea clară a problemei taleVindecarea problemei tale
După sesiuneRecomandări pentru trecerea la acțiune bazate pe noua perspectivă (temă)Sesiune de terapia primei cauzeStabilizarea noului
Nivelul de conștiențăConștientConștientConștient, subconștient și conștient profund
ÎncărcăturiÎn mare parte mentale și emoționaleSomatice, mentale, emoționale și imaginativeSomatice, mentale, emoționale și spirituale
Se poate adresaIndivizilor, cuplurilor și entităților juridiceIndivizilorIndivizilor
VârstaMai mare de 14 ani, inclusiv(1)Mai mare de 18 ani, inclusiv(1)Mai mare de 18 ani, inclusiv(1)
Numărul maxim de sesiuni pentru o problemă specificăDepinde în mod strâns de nevoile individuale corelate cu obiectivul stabilit1-7(2)1-7(2)
Intervalul minim între sesiuni7 zile3-4 săptămâni(3)3-4 săptămâni(3)
Durata unei sesiuni90 min30-90 minAproximativ 3 ore
Contribuția financiară100 lei sau 25 eur/oră100 lei sau 25 eur/oră100 lei sau 25 eur/oră

1. Exceptions can be made given the particularity of each case.
2. The majority of the problems need only one session.
3. The interval may vary in case of clients that travel from far distances, and in case of chronic or terminal illnesses.

Please view the above table as a guide only. For specific situations please contact me.

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