Long Distance


When I first expressed the need for a therapy session I was fortunate enough to have Marianne Carolus in the same town as I lived in the next weeks. She had been already planing for a workshop. However, sometimes the therapy that you want and need happens a long distance away from your residence. This doesn’t mean necessarily to rule it out, to give up.


Opportunities may lay ahead for transportation, accommodation and a personalized sequence of therapy sessions.
Usually, in most situations, a minimum of four weeks pause is recommended between first cause therapy sessions. Nevertheless, exceptions may arise and traveling from a long distance is one of them.

Number of session

Considering the problem or list of problems you want to be guided to solve in a few days time 2-3 sessions can be done. The schedule will take under consideration your at the moment situation and response to the changes after the first therapy session.


You will receive assistance, if you wish to, with transport and accommodation options specific to your request. Please keep your expectations at a medium level or if you can, set the standards to your minimum level of comfort. It will increase the chances of finding something suitable and in your budget range. For decent accommodation prices start from 80 lei per night and rise up to 1200 lei per night for luxury locations (that is between around 20 and 250 eur).

Therapy sessions can be also available during the week-end period upon request. You will also receive information about transport options from the hotel to my location.

For further information or to address your specific situation please feel free to contact me.