Student challenges

If you are looking to become a first cause therapist please be advised that the characteristics of the therapy method will amplify for you as a student. This journey and its process will change your life, will put you in confrontational situations, has multi-leveled nuances and will challenge you constantly. The process does not necessarily emphasize what you know, but who and how you are. For this reason, first you need to be able to sustain the therapeutic process as a client with all the requirements (please see the subsections Transform and Sustain in the menu).

Second, to be able to sincerely imagine yourself attending all the courses during the three year period and experiencing all those therapy hours as client and as student therapist.

Last, but not least please be aware that you will be pushed into being a client, which in turn will change your life as well. This means that even though apparently you do not have pressing issues to solve, according to the subject of the workshop, these kind of issues will be drawn out and used as teaching or practice material before being solved.

You do not need any special prior education, certain beliefs, experience or way of life.

Detailed curriculum for the first year

The journey of the first year starts with a workshop about Creation, a new start( inspired by Anthroposophy). We use several creation myths from all over the world and feel, by listening and partly playing, how we are connected with mankind. You make a drawing about the time ‘where everything was good’ in own childhood or in fantasy.

The 2nd workshop is about Archetypes, and how we find them in ourselves. (Inspired by Ko Vos who gave workshops in Tasso as well as in S.R.N.). Here is a group imagination (journey) and the old wise grandmother, the king, the monk and the beggar as well as the femininity and masculinity are found.

The 3rd workshop is about the 2nd creation myth from the bible, including also the Fall, where the body is modeled. This is about first cause therapy and the body. (inspired by anthroposophy and by PLT) The body as the end of soul processes. We do different group imaginations and make drawings.

The 4th workshop is about the soul and polarity. (inspired by anthroposophy and by Trisha Caetano).

The 5th workshop is about Identity, thoughts and postulates. The mental body.( inspired by anthroposophy and PLT).

The 6th workshop is about the Chakra’s and how to work with them. (Inspired by Tineke Noordegraaf about Chakra healing with animals). Here the students learn to do some work for themselves and get homework.

The 7th (final) workshop is about professional healing and own possibilities in this field. (inspired by Hans ten Dam). During these workshops are demo’s and you and all students do sessions as clients about topics that were found in the workshops.

As you can see this not only provides with demo’s about the several aspects of first cause therapy. Moreover, it also starts from ‘mankind in general’ to ‘me as a person’, and from body, over soul, to spirit. You can after this year decide if you needed this transformational year for your personal growth, but do not want to pursue the road to become a therapist. At the same time it can become clearer to you that you want to be a therapist and you decide to continue with the course and become a therapist.

If you decide you want to be a therapist and your progress and involvement advises it, at the end of the first year you will have to write an open essay about your experiences as a client and as a student. With the essay and given your contribution at each workshop (feedback, sharing, visualization and understanding) you will receive a personal evaluation. You will see if you have the ability to move from the client perspective of the first year to the therapist perspective of the second year.

Second year

During the journey of the second year you will learn the techniques and exercise them during and in between the workshops. During this year you will experience and learn about:

  • associative techniques;
  • trauma-processing;
  • processing chronic trauma;
  • the death and how to work with souls and soul-parts that got stuck in the land of the souls;
  • dissociative skills about attachments and (pseudo-)obsessions and the inner child;
  • finding and processing trauma’s in birth, pregnancy and conception;
  • different types of integration using associative and dissociative techniques: healed trauma’s in the here-and-now, energy work, the house of the soul. past lives meet each other and harmonize.

During these workshops are demonstrations and exercising as well as theory, group imaginations and question-rounds. At the end of the second year, you have to do an examination consisting of theory (questions) and practical by doing a session under the trainer’s supervision.

Third year

Here you will start the journey with a workshop about heritage problems: the gifts you got from our family-members; the karmic bonds with those people and those problems. The wonderful coming together from own karma and family-karma always is impressing here and also the possibility to heal even hundreds of years family-karma.

The next workshops will address postulate and polarity. You will learn to make a row through similar lives and to jump to the opposite. The start in one pole, the compensation and overcompensation and at the end the paradox, where the postulate is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We start with an actual situation, its appearing during childhood and pregnancy, and go back to the root and to the other pole, then integrate.

There are also two workshops with outside teachers presenting subjects that the students asked for and are related with first cause therapy.

The final workshop is during a week and makes the cycle round, or better: makes it to a spiral. Here the primal trauma is found, often connected with postulate (and compared with the Fall) and processed, and seen as important growing factor and part of the development of an identity.

At last the spiritual session is trained, life between life and creation-and the Fall-experiences reveal our personal myths. It is wonderful to compare them with the myths from the start of the training.

Natural embedding

The feel of this training is to be more than only learning skills. Sure first cause therapy itself already is a transformational therapy. This schedule and its specific sequences is meant to be a trial to give first cause therapy a natural embedding.

At the end of these three years of study, when you will receive your diploma you will be able to:

  • conduct intake interviews;
  • go to the source of the problem without getting stuck in treating symptoms (“life-changing” results);
  • use visualization as induction, and bridge techniques to the first cause moment;
  • explore episodes and whole lifetimes in a therapeutically meaningful way;
  • identify when to expect childhood trauma, past-life trauma or attachments and how to go about them, while keeping an open mind to other possibilities;
  • get cathartic release: mentally, emotionally and bodily;
  • complete, reinforce and anchor cathartic results;
  • integrate the results in the present;
  • find, liberate and strengthen the client’s positive resources such as visions, talents, skills, abilities;
  • make a person after first cause therapy feel more at home in their life, more capable of running it;
  • increase the life quality and happiness of your client.

Personal development

Your own development journey will undergo 72-88 hours of personal therapy, working on your own issues.

Continuous learning

After graduation, the quality of your work and you development will be supported by annual continuous workshops within Evadio.

Also, your opinion, comments and experiences are important for my journey as well. Thus, at the end of each year of study there will be an open discussion with feedback from the students regarding the trainer’s activity. A review of the past year of study is done before the beginning of the new one.

In addition, you are encouraged to expand your journey and become an Earth member as a student during training, starting with the second year. In addition, if possible to participate at least at one Earth event in two years’ time (a Summer Convention or World Congress). According to moment’s and period’s opportunities on the road map you may experience exchange with students and teachers from other schools.

Further information

Starting with 2016 Evadio School Romania and its curriculum are recognized by the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh).

Please feel free to contact me for information about the journey to become a therapist.