A good session

The foundation for a good session lays in:

  • sincerity;
  • trust;
  • first thing that comes to mind;
  • comfortable cloths;
  • food;
  • water;
  • physical needs addressed;
  • sleep;
  • time availability;
  • self motivation;
  • a healthy dose of open mindedness.

As soon as the foundation is laid the session can start with a positive strong energy.

During the session and mostly in its second part, new grounds are emerging and the foundation needs time to adjust accordingly. This is done mainly after the session ended, with focus on: remembrance, calmness and focus.


Write down in the same day with the therapy session or immediately in the morning after the things you find important and that came up during the therapy session.


In the next few days after the session keep yourself away from potentially stressful situations or circumstances. Being in big crowds can be such a situation.


Also it is advisable not to talk with someone about your findings for the next week. Since questions from someone who has not shared a similar experience will be hard to answer. In addition, they will probably trigger more questions from the respective person. In the end, this intense questioning will disturb the settling down feeling that is beneficial after a first cause therapy session.

Further reading

You can read more recommendations for after the session in the section Emphasize.

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