First Meeting

The first cause therapy session is a good step forward into yourself. In this few hours of exploratory inner journey, you are the center and the therapist is an active guide. Difficult and challenging moments lay ahead. Nevertheless, the richness of your deeper self will come forward until the end of the session. They will empower you to be more than you were prior to the first cause therapy session. It is a first hand personal experience that cannot be understood unless lived.

Questions and decision moment

First of all, please feel free to ask away all the questions that you have regarding the therapeutic method and the therapist. This is also the moment when you can freely decide if you want to continue with the therapy or not. During this period, together with the therapist, you will make the decision for a therapeutic process. You can choose to go only with focused awareness sessions or together with first cause therapy.

Biographical interview

Second, before the first therapy session, you will receive special attention during a biographical interview. The interview aims to underline the most important life events from your childhood to the present and in the present to get an overview of:

  • your present social situation (family, work, things you are passionate about);
  • major medical interventions;
  • chronic diseases;
  • addictions;
  • other relevant items that come forth during the first meeting.

This interview is done only during the first meeting with you and it usually takes 45 to 90 minutes.

Further reading

If you haven’t already, please read all the sections (You, Action, Facts, Problem, Help) under the Begin menu item.

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