First Contact

Well, hello!

This is your first contact with focus awareness and first cause therapy. Maybe you’ll be surprised, but there is nothing special about them. The special part is each time about you. It is true at the same time, that the approach of focused awareness and first cause therapy is just different to how we usually function every day.

From this point of view, there are also some restrictions that apply since the method is not necessarily suitable to all problems and to all persons.

Gradual introduction

The website is designed to offer a gradual introduction to focused awareness, first cause therapy and their method. From this respect, you can start with the Begin section an make you way from up to down inside the same section and from left to right from one section to the next. However, at the bottom of each page you have an overview of each article of the first four section. Please feel free to jump to any of the links, if the title is appealing to you.

All things considered, if you want to go only through the essential elements, you can follow the below suggested sequence of pages.

Transform (entire section): Decision, Compatibility, Overview, First meeting, Session

Duration of a first cause therapy session

Usually a combined therapy with focused awareness session and first cause therapy takes 3-4 hours.
However, when a first meeting takes place, to the above mentioned duration a biographical interview of around 45-90 minutes takes place. Any kind of questions are also welcomed during this period. This takes the first meeting to a total of 4-5 hours. So, please be advised and arrange your plans accordingly.

More information available

In addition, there is also a section about Development. On one side, it addresses your desire to grow by your own efforts only and on the other side, by following the guidance of someone who suits your needs and way of being. Further still, under Evadio section, you can find a lot of information in case the thought of becoming a therapist comes to your mind after reading the above recommended sections.

In any case, I am also available to answer your questions. We can also discuss about additional information, the method and other things related to focused awareness and first cause therapy. So please feel free to contact me after you have searched for the information you need on the website.