Evadio Roots

Drawings made by Marianne Carolus: 1. Creation 2. Io – the white cow 3. First cause – Prometheus 4. The Dragon 5. The Evadio-human 6. Frog into Prince 7.The real life Levels Tree

Evadio roots started to grow in Germany by Marianne Carolus, after a succession of life shaping events. These events, in the end, have had a very important role upon the way the Evadio program is shaped emphasizing the “how” as very important part of the training.

A near death experience

Marianne had a Near Death Experience after a traffic accident at the age of 16 with a 7 weeks stay in the hospital neurological/psychiatric ward. Sharing the life with psychiatric patients she decided not to do the Art-Academy, but a good kind of Psychiatry.

During her (Medicine and Andragologic) studies (1967-74) she was not only in Therapeutic Communities in England, but also in the Goetheanum (Switzerland) for Antroposophy-workshops experiencing a lot of other things, like Yoga courses. In this way an Esoteric basis was laid for her future. She became intensive involved in child education and received insights as in how children develop by being a mother of 3 children and a school doctor of 3 Steiner (Waldorf) schools. In Waldorfschools the cycle of the seasons is essential and rhythm a core idea for teaching. Being such a school doctor means visiting a school about 1 day per week, seeing children on demand of teachers and coaching the team. In the same time she gave workshops and published some articles inside the Anthroposophy.

Graduation of past life therapy school

Then during 1995-1997 she graduated in Tasso (workshops with Hans ten Dam and Trisha Caetano) and was in several workshops of the Dutch S.R.N.(workshops with Tineke Noordegraaf and Rob Bontenbal). In 1997 she started her own practice and since 1999 she published articles about own Past Life Therapy (PLT) experiences, mostly in Info3, a German Magazine for spirituality.


Marianne started publishing with a series of articles about the seasons and their spiritual meaning. The first one was about Halloween and the difference between (holy) ghosts, the souls that had found their way to the Light, and (creepy) souls. There she presented some beautiful examples about PLT and how it works with helping attachments as well as past lives to the Light.

The article about carnival was another great opportunity to connect daily life with the season and with past lives and catharsis. At easter she published about the colored eggs. They resemble our aura, the normally invisible body at soul-level colored with energies, and immortal, as the Easter story tells. How we work with these energies seen by their color as part of PLT-techniques. At Christmas time Marianne wrote about unborn children. About the souls of children after miscarriages or abortions (attached to mother, father, ex-parent, or brother or sister) she found in PLT. This was a long series of articles published during years, each time with practice-examples.

Shortly before (2005/6) Marianne Carolus had published ‘Wie Schicksal spricht’ (Destiny Speaking). Hans Ten Dam read it and said: ‘You are the first person who connected esoteric principles with Past Life Therapy (PLT).

Foundation of EARTh

In August 2006, EARTh was founded as an Association of professional PLT and Schools for PLT in Frankfurt, Germany. A lot of the founders were Evadio-students.


That time Evadio was a young German school that Marianne had started in 2004 in Bad Wimpfen with 2 parallel groups of enthusiast students. Marianne had contacts since 2000 with students in Romania and they planned to start an Evadio- school there as well. Later that school started, organized by Adrian Nache. Now, during training these two schools use a handbook that was made with help of students and Barbara Scheibel about this PLT-method. It was meant to be used together with Deep Healing from Hans Ten Dam, and for that reason different.

Past life therapy and life

In Marianne’s opinion professional PLT is embedded in life. Life has cycles, has rhythm, has seasons. Life grows, but this means more than just expanding. Wisdom is living knowledge. Science should be wisdom but it reduced itself to knowledge. Only dead facts are scientifically ‘real’. Life is excluded. The consequences of following this reduced science for society are visible all around us. Growing by following this kind of approach is almost entirely known as ‘more and bigger’. And preserving this way of doing enforces more and more control in various forms.

A learning style like life

Life has a different way of growing, including rhythm. Evadio wanted from the beginning a style of teaching and learning that are like life. This meant: natural growing and with different styles in Romania and Germany. It was growing naturally, without, besides the articles now and then, any advertising and promoting. It was just giving what they ask and let it happen. Marianne invested her efforts hoping for consolidation instead of expanding.

Which means getting own roots and finding the place to live and grow into the here and now.