Evadio Romania

The invitation

Marianne Carolus introduced the school of Evadio in Romania following the invitation of Dr. Maria Antoaneta Ciochircă. Dr. Ciochircă met Marianne Carolus in Switzerland, where Marianne gave a lecture/workshop for female doctors. Then, Dr. Chiochircă organized the workshops in 2003 in Romania. She also organized for 2006 the workshop/training, but died just before that weekend workshops were planned to start.


The following year, in 2007, a few months prior to already scheduled arrival of Marianne Carolus in Romania I received Marianne’s contact details from Marion Boon. Since that moment on Marianne has been my teacher and Evadio Romania started to have yearly courses.

First graduated therapists

The group that had its first graduate therapists started in 22nd of September 2008. It was an adventurous journey that took until 2013 when three persons received their diplomas: Dana Iordache, Victor Chirea and Adrian Nache (myself). The three of us together with Ioana Constantin started the workshops that are still undergoing. Before graduation, Ioana decided to stop and switch for shamanism on the legacy of Antonio Viloldo, where her inner goals where better matched. In the next year after graduation the group split with Dana deciding to follow on another path than the one of regression therapy. Victor continued his private practice incorporating past life regression therapy into his work and started a regression therapy school. You can read more about Victor here: www.victorchirea.ro.


I have continued the legacy of Evadio which received in 2016 the recognition of the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh).


In the present Evadio Romania is offering training and supervision to two students: Raluca Costache and Mihaela Tudor. We are also preparing to announce the opening of a new group for people looking for and longing to learn the first cause therapy method.