The end as a new beginning

The first cause therapy session has ended and you feel aroused by so many new fragrances of self, by new thoughts, new feelings and maybe questions. Cut yourself some slack, go with the new and take more care of yourself. In order to do emphasize the beneficial traits just do the simple things like:

  • drink enough liquids;
  • get rest;
  • follow your heart;
  • keep out of stressful situations;
  • keep yourself occupied with pleasant and relaxing activities for the next three days.

In other words, keep your mind at ease and task free, your body relaxed and taken care of and your soul engaged by following the earnings of the heart.

Keep it to yourself

In addition, in order to allow the new experiences to settle in undisturbed, do not share with others the experience of the therapy session for the next seven days, or longer if you can. If you feel like it, write down the supportive and empowering traits that you received during the session. Writing down can help you emphasize and better grasp them and consciously use them sooner. And last but not least, call in case of persistent somatic or emotional symptoms which relate to the session.

Symptoms after the session

New or similar somatic or emotional symptoms are not unusual after the session. On one hand, maybe they need just to steam out. On the other hand maybe they trigger attention to an aspect discovered in the session that needs more attention. And last but not least they just need you to express them in your daily activities.

Other times they signal that another short session on the same specific is required. But most of the times only one session addresses wholly the therapeutic contract. However, some situations advise for additional sessions:

  • similar, but not exactly the same symptoms may appear which may relate to repeated trauma on the same part of the body;
  • a new problem surfaces after the present one was resolved similar to the layers of an onion;
  • complex inter-related problems which require special attention one at a time.

Live your life as it comes

All and all, you become new and you start to experience the new parts of yourself. And as before the session, you will still have needs, problems, desires, hopes, aims, quests, questions and so on, just new or slightly different ones. One of them it may be just to live your life as it comes. Do this after the session, emphasize your new self, live your life as it comes. In a natural way new purposes will take shape with their own challenges, intrigues, feelings, thoughts and experiences forming a wonderful you. As wonderful as you are now but as new and fresh as you allow it.

Further reading

No further reading, no further questioning or analysis, emphasize the the beneficial transformation by just letting it manifest and settle.

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