Since birth you start a journey of the self, your soul’s direction. At first, it is mostly only movement, following the nature’s preset patterns of growth and development, entangled with the ones set by your family inheritance, your social environment and by your deep self. But movement alone is not direction. The more that you grow, the more of yourself can manifest into the here and now, and the more useful it is to have a direction.

From the outside to the inside

During early adulthood, movement is slowly diverging from outside input to an inside generated process. Right about now, direction becomes a valuable resource for your soul’s well being. Since, when used properly, direction can become the spring of your:

  • motivation;
  • purpose;
  • energy;
  • easiness;
  • perspective;
  • and hope.

Direction on your path

With direction in mind and soul, finding your own path becomes a more meaningful and manageable endeavor. Finding your own path may also be a long process, or a short one but with challenges holding on to it. However it may be, take it step by step, day by day, hour by hour. You may find help and guidance in your efforts by learning how other people manage their own efforts and search for answers. Try out for yourself and find out what suits you. Pay attention to the things that attract you and experience them in a mindful and soulful manner. Hints and tips will start to spring from one enterprise to the next. Collect them one by one. Then, slowly they will start to add up as in a complex puzzle that begins to have meaning when looking back to it.


While learning and making the effort to stay open for new sights and opportunities, you may be fortunate enough to have a good teacher guiding you. In other cases the situation you are in sets itself out like a teacher. At other times it seems you are completely on our own. Gaining a point of view that offers a fresh perspective can be of tremendous help in such situations. And the proper perspective at the right time is true richness.

Back to awareness, forward on your path

That is why on the road of finding direction, keep awareness as a close friend. Practice it, and direction will, at one moment, naturally follow.

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