Dedicated Programs

Adolescents and couples

Two groups of people usually face specific challenges simply due to the nature of the situation they are in: adolescents and people in a couple. For each of them, the focused awareness and first cause therapy methods can bring the extra notch to shift dire situations into opportunities. On one hand you can receive this extra notch by been guided to a new perspective into the same situation. On the other hand, you will become able to seize the opportunity of the moment and transform yourself in the process.


Probably you mostly encounter challenging situations when you:

  • feel you are stuck;
  • difficulties accepting yourself or your body;
  • think you cannot do anything about a situation that involves you directly;
  • have the perception that everyone or the partner is against you or miss understands you, most of the times.


We all go through such challenges. However, sometimes their toll on you becomes a burden that affects your entire life. Usually, it is recommended to put your best efforts into surpassing whatever you are facing with. And the norm stands. Nevertheless, if under consecutive attempts the results put you back into the same situation, like in a loop, it is time to ask for help. Another instance when guidance may be of use is that no matter how hard you seem to try nothing seems to change.


The consequences of prolonged living in such loops can have undesirable effects on many levels. As a result it affects more and more each aspect of your life and yourself.


You need two things in order to make the most of and benefit from either focused awareness sessions or first cause therapy sessions. For adolescents under the age of 18 to have their parents agreement and own desire to change. And for couples, both of you need to sincerely desire to be together in the first place. In addition you also need to acknowledge fully on your own to be part of the counseling process, at the same time.

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