Your life will transform

First cause therapy works at and with the deep and very deep levels of the self. By doing so, it is meant to take you straight to the root of your problem. There you will reconnect with those experiences in a way that transforms painful memories or subconscious triggers into knowledge and fruitful experience for the daily life. Given its profound level of action, your life and how you live it will transform after a therapy session.

Please be advised to come to therapy only if you want to change yourself and your life.


Your decision to come to a first cause therapy session should be the consequence of a self motivated reason. And mainly your reason should be the expression of a certain type of problem or situation. Namely, one that in one way or another has made you realize that you no longer have control over a part of your life, such as but not restricted to.:

  • physical pain without medical explanation;
  • a habit or behavior that you strongly want to change and find yourself unable to do it;
  • a life circumstance that keeps on repeating itself;
  • pervading medical conditions that have only their symptoms treated;
  • any other conditions from which you find yourself with less and less power over the self.

If you haven’t already, please consult a more detailed list of problems at the section Problems.


As the name of the therapy implies, you will reach the very first root of the problem you are experiencing. In other words, you will go into the very deep layers of yourself. There, the re-balancing of the first cause moment will in its turn trigger changes into your life.

A suitable comparison is when you throw a stone in the water. The ripples will travel all around from the impact zone. In the same way, re-balancing the moment of the first cause will trigger changes in your life. It will also relieve the symptoms that made you want to change so that you can heal and prosper.


In conclusion, please choose a reason that from your point of view is worth or asks for a change in your life.

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