Starting with 2016 Evadio School Romania and its curriculum are recognized by the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh).

In Evadio School the ‘how’ is essential. So this is how the program is constructed:


Workshop support

The three years course will be supported by a curriculum and training material such as the Evadio teaching manual and the book Deep Healing by Hans Ten Dam.

Dedicated hours

The entire curriculum encompasses 480 workshop hours to which another 72-88 hours of individual therapy are added, plus 32 hours of practice as therapist for clients from inside the study group and 64 hours as therapist with clients outside of the study group. The number of hours for each year are scheduled as follows:

  1. First year of study comprises of 160 workshop hours to which add up another 16-32 hours of individual therapy.
  2. Second year of study comprises of 160 workshop hours, to which add up another 32 hours of individual therapy as client and 32 hours of therapy as therapist having as clients the other students.
  3. The third year has 160 hours of workshop, to which add up additional 24 hours of individual therapy as client and 64 hours of therapy as therapist with clients from outside the training program.

The financial contribution for each of the years will be announced at a later date.

The therapy session with outside clients in the third year are recorded and transcribed in order to offer written feedback to the students. There are required 16 sessions with a satisfactory level and good knowledge of all the techniques involved in order to graduate.


The Evadio Romania diploma will certify that the trainee has acquired the knowledge and the skills to recognize problems caused by repressed traumatic experiences and that the Evadio therapist showed that he/she can select and use the suitable effective psychotherapeutic tools to process these past traumatic events and periods at the body, soul and spiritual levels of experience. The diplomas can be used to be registered as a professional member of EARTh.


The teaching, guiding and workshops will be offered by Adrian Nache in English or Romanian with a total of 360 hours of training offered and Marianne Carolus with 80 hours to which 40 hours offered by two guest teachers are added.