The rewards and perspective for you as a company owner are specially rewarding. At the same time, so are the risks and the challenges. It takes a special kind of person to sign on such a journey. Although you have a strong drive towards independence, times when you can benefit from help may arise.

Your challenge

If you face one of the following situations and the context you are in severely drops your energy or traps you in a situation seemingly without exit there might still be a way through. Not necessarily the one you expect, but still a way through out your challenge.

Does you company face very challenging times and you have no idea what is the reason?
Do you have difficulties in communicating with your staff?
Is the activity of the company or of a certain department going in an unwanted direction?
Do you have a good product or service, but are unable to grow?
Are you trying to expand your activity, but are uncertain about what to do next from a multitude of solutions?
Are your personal problems interfering with your company’s activity?
Do you seem to constantly miss opportunities?
Are you in a situation when important changes lay ahead and feel you cannot act?
Do you have a successful company, but still feel unsatisfied about the way you live your life?
Are you usually on top of things, but recently and constantly situations surprise you?
You know very well what you have to do but just cannot start doing it?
Do you have a good plan, but it seems to go mostly wrong?
You carefully plan the activity of your company, but with results very different than the ones planned.


In all these situations, please be aware that between you and the company you own or manage there are both easily recognizable links and dependencies, but also ones that the naked eye miss equally and are equally important or sometimes more important than the first ones.


All and all, a company is a living entity who’s soul is you and who’s body is your staff.

Key elements

If you or your company find in a difficult situation who’s causes remain hidden to you, or your are in a constant loop of dire situations that causes loss of energy the method used in focused awareness session and first cause therapy might bring forth the key elements to guide you through out this situation.

Dedicated assessment

Please contact me to assess together the nature of your problem or your companies problem. First cause method might be of help.