Your career or your current job take an important amount from your time in a rhythmic pattern at least five days a week. Mostly, you are part of a team in your department or inside the company on the larger scale.


Some of you have independent professions and do your work by yourself. Either way, sooner or later you will interact with people that need your skills and contribution and you will want theirs. And all this effort in order to provide a service, a product or art pieces to those looking for it.

When you can

During this continuous exchange and preparation arise challenges from outside, from within and from in between. On one side, usually, you feel equipped to tackle them and you do so. Other times, you need assistance and your peers or colleagues support you. With some occasions, the change has to come from within you and after pondering upon the subject at hand an idea comes to you that takes you out or through the situation you are facing. These are actually the happy moments, that you gladly remember and easily share with others.

When it seems you cannot

On the other side, during some periods in your career you feel completely blocked, without horizons, with heavy burdens on your shoulders, and unable to see a proper way to go through. In such moments, one of the following situation may describe what you are experiencing:

  • You seem to have no future in your current direction of your career.
  • You find yourself constantly in conflict with co-workers.
  • You have the best intention regarding the company, but your suggestions are not listen to.
  • You have to be in an environment under your professional skills.
  • You are a professional in your domain but superiors are not listening to your suggestions or input.
  • You look for a more suitable job given your current situation.
  • You need new perspectives for your career.
  • You are responsible for a team and it has become a heavy burden.
  • You have difficulties in communicating with your team, colleagues or superiors.
  • The activity of the company or department going in an unwanted direction.
  • Your personal problems interfere with your professional activity.
  • You seem to constantly miss opportunities.
  • You face a situation when important changes lay ahead and feel you cannot act.
  • You are a successful person professionally, but still feel unsatisfied about your activity.
  • You are usually good with at your job, but recently and constantly you cannot perform as you regularly do.

Loosing control

And no matter the situation you realize that the problem that you have starts to control your life, or places you in a loop where each day is as bad or worst compared to the previous one.

New horizon

In this case focused awareness and first cause therapy may guide you to a new horizon. What lays beneath your problem can have various nature, and each time is related to a very personal aspect of yourself. For this reason, similar problems may have totally different causes.

Further reading

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