Your life is steered by drivings ranging from ones related to the self like bodily cravings and needs, intellectual, thoughts and earnings of the soul to others related to the environment like fashion and traditions, to the ones originating from the people in your life and to some emerging from other times like unreasonable fears or unexplained phobias. On top of it, you are aware of some of them and unaware of many others. Among all of these drivings you are trying to find and follow your own inside drive, your own way, your own authentic path from which if you look back, a sense of accomplishment or reward will infuse you. Finding your path and following it is a lot more clearer if you practice and use awareness in your day to day activities.

First step to awareness

A first step towards awareness is to start paying attention to yourself in the here and now. Notice your inner drivings. Are they a positive resourceful input? If yes, then make little by little room for them in your day to day life. Start small, stabilize the good new habits and after that increase a little the allocated time to practice them. In other words, slowly adjust your daily schedule so that acting on your positive resourceful inner drivings becomes part of your priorities.

Or maybe your inner drivings put you in awkward situations, or they seem out of place. In this case take a step back and keep your sight forward. You can act by asking for help if you want to change them, to find out what causes them to appear and finally to free yourself in the here and now.

Paths to awareness

There are many paths and methods that can guide you towards changing these inner drivings that do not suit you in the here and now. Some are suitable to you, other paths are suitable to people different than you. Suitable does not mean right or wrong. It is just appropriate to your inner drivings and way of being. First cause therapy is one of these methods and paths that may or may not be suitable to you. If in doubt or unclear feel free to ask any questions or experience for yourself how it works.

Also on the road to awareness pay attention to the outer drivings. Maybe they are of good fortune or they are challenging, or unpleasant. Either way, look into them. What are the opportunities they offer? What are the challenges? Do they keep you alive, fresh and growing? Or trap you in a golden or rusted cage?


If they offer opportunities do you take action on them? Take action into consideration by protecting what is precious in your life and taking the risk of novelty at the same time.

Either way, awareness is one of the most important resources to keep yourself alive and developing. Train it! Nurture it! Cultivate it!

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