About me

The start

My journey towards therapy starts with the recommendation of Michael Dybicz – Owner of Metatones – (USA) in 2006. Then, I asked the contact details of a past life therapist close to Romania. After a few email connections, Marion Boon sent me the email of Dr. Marianne Carolus. Marianne was about to come to Romania in two months’ time (2007). As a coincidence she had planned to stay for two weeks in the same city I was living. This was the moment that started a teacher-student relationship for which I am very grateful. Furthermore, I and still pursuing learning to this day as part of Marianne Carolus’ school Evadio.


In 2013, I have been given by Marianne the diploma as therapist. This marked a period of amazing discoveries and countless new perspectives about self, others, the worlds around and beyond us. It was a joy to be part of a learning group of dedicated and passionate people.


The path of learning in the Evadio School continues as trainer for a new group of people that want to become therapists, within Evadio Romania.

First cause therapy

In 2014, past life therapy became from my perspective First Cause Therapy from a simple reason. Most of the times the cause of a present problem lays in what appears to be a past life. However, it is the moment of the first cause that is actually pursued during therapy in order to bring balance to it. This in turn makes the present symptoms and problems to be able to cease. Other places for the first cause may be in this life, in the womb of the mother or in the lives between lives. However, in the end first cause therapy is not about beliefs, but about healing and the empowerment of self-determination.

Fuel to continue the journey

As an analytical person by nature, I have constantly paid attention to any fallacies or false shortcuts in the therapy process, but found none up to the present moment. Additional reasons that made me keep on going were also:

  • proofs about the power of the mind and the spirit;
  • the personal nature of each problem the clients may come with;
  • the importance of details;
  • the simple logical connections that support one another from start until the end of a session;
  • the privilege in witnessing the personal development of others;
  • the constant surprises and challenges of my own development on this road.

Feel free to ask

There are many stories to tell and experiences to share, and firstly I wholeheartedly encourage you to find and look for your own. At the same, time please feel free to ask any questions about my personal development.