You have too many things in your mind. A lot of thoughts peck you for their attention. Many possibilities seem to be available. Or maybe an overwhelming array of words and meanings clutter you. As a result, it almost seems like there is no way out. You start to feel lost in the loop of thought patterns and possible escape alternatives. There is a way out from this power hunger way of thinking. You can free your mind by using your body. And you can do that by taking action.

IMPORTANT!!!: If you find yourself troubled by thoughts that lead to actions hurting you or others do ask for help immediately and do not act on this kind of thoughts.

Otherwise, take steps into expressing your thoughts.


Starting to act may be a seemingly insurmountable difficulty in itself. How to start? Where to start? What to do? In fact, asking continuously does not matter as much. What matters is that you, at the same time, take under consideration two aspects: embrace a step by step perspective and pay attention to a very important objective, that is to continue for an uninterrupted consistent period of time.


It is important to keep an action taking attitude even if it does not seem to help much at once, because there is a very handy tool that you have: the ability to pay attention. So, make it important to you to pay attention while actively pursuing the effort to act. To the least what you will get will be clearer leads, conscious tips of how you are influenced by your problem of even not starting to take action. The things that you actually cannot do will surface in a more precise manner. And they can also bring clues for a way out of your situation, or confirm that you are actually facing a problem that is controlling your life.


Either way, more clearness will be present in your life. This clearness can offer a possible way through out your problems or solid valuable material to use in a therapeutic process in case the problem you have is still actually controlling your life.

Further Reading

On top of it, if you adopt an open mind attitude, new ways of action can emerge. To read more about open mind, please access the section Open.

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